Friday, March 27, 2009

Get 'em up and moving... Day 135 27MAR09

Back when I was a kid getting enough exercise was easy. All my mother had to do was say yes. If she would let us out of the house we were good to go for at least a couple of miles of bike riding. Several hours of walking, climbing, and running. On top of whatever else we could find to conquer.

Today things are a little different. I still get my kids to exercise a little by saying yes. Just now it is in answer to the question, "Can we play with the Wii?" In our age of electronic entertainment it takes a little more encouragement to get 'em up and moving. At least for Joshua it is good physical therapy.

We managed to get the kids to go outside for a little while this evening. When I was a kid the problem was getting us into the house not out of it. It was a nice family walk with me desperately trying to get a picture of Joshua before he turned his head or put up his hand. He is a little tired of having his picture taken right now. I can understand.

So today ended up being another uneventful day.

Joshua is still doing well and has been hungry every time he wakes up. We are trying to put five pounds on him by May, one little ounce at a time. Not as easy as you might think. We pump as many calories into him as we can, but the weight comes slowly. We are determined to get him to exercise a little each day to build up the strength in his legs and ankles. A little fresh air mixed with some sunshine and a cool breeze in your face doesn't hurt either.


Jamie(Sister) said...

So day 135 was another good day i see. Thats awesome that the whole family got to go on a walk today. Everyone got a little excercise. =) And Jarrod i see loves to walk with no shoes. ; ) I am very happy to hear that you are eating more monkey butt. See we knew you would get back on the horse and start riding again. =) Well im not sure if we are coming out there tomorrow or Sunday but if not tomorrow we are for sure coming over sunday, i miss you and Jarrod like crazy. Well see you soon Joshy. Love you guys


Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

It's good to hear you got outside and walked for a bit. Moving your body and having the sun shine on you are two things guaranteed to make you feel better. I am so happpy to hear you are eating well and I hope the calories stick to your ribs! You will need some extra weight to keep kicking that stinking cancer in the butt so hard it decides to leave for Mars.

It appears the snowfall is leaving us but it was so beautiful while it was here.

Hang in there mighty warrior. You are doing an awesome job.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,