Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How about some... Day 132 24MAR09

Joshua's second day at home he spent asleep. At least for the better part of the day. When he is awake the conversations go something like this:

"I'm hungry."

"What would you like?"

"I don't know."

"How about some X?"


"How about some Y?"


"How about some (go through every edible item in the house)?"

"No." "I'm hungry." Repeat several times as needed.

I think he has a hard time deciding because nothing tastes right anymore. I am really not sure. Nonetheless he still manages to find things to eat after a while.

The big news for the day...

His bone marrow biopsy came back clear.

No cancer cells present!

This was really a relief to hear. The chance of a possible relapse has been lurking in the corner of our minds for several weeks. At least now we know that the fears were unfounded. We still do not know what was causing the high fever. It has decided to remain a mystery for the time being.

Josh will continue on his chemo schedule without losing any time. This was the other good piece of news today. We were concerned that the delays he ran into would push his schedule out of whack. So, he has the week off until next Monday when he will go back to the clinic and get more chemo. He will also go on Tuesday for PEG (the shots in his legs).

In the meantime we are going to try and get him up and moving. He has been lying in bed for a long time. We took a walk outside this evening to get a little exercise and fresh air. He managed to walk halfway and got a ride from Dad back to the house. It was good to get him out for a little while.


Roxy and Brandon said...

YAY! That is great news to hear your biopsy came back clear! I'm also glad to hear you are eating! Hopefully you will continue to find good stuff to eat. We love you and miss, hang in there little man!

Love, Roxy, Brandon, Chico and Sophie

Jamie(Sister) said...

YAY Joshy! =) Thats awesome news. And we will be over this Saturday and if you want us to pick anything up make sure you give us a call k love bug. =) I am soo happy taht you are eating and getting that appitite back. You are doing such a great job Joshua and your brithday is next weekend!!! I bet you cant wait. I know monkey you are getting old soon you will be getting some gray hair. ; ) just kidding


coloradofarina said...

Hi Joshua and Gandy family,

We are sooooo excited to visit Florida and you all soon that we are just short of words....We are so thrilled and thankful that you are having a great day and are at home and out of the hospital. Please know that we are thinking of you and you will be in our prayers, We love you all!!!