Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 amigos... Day 185 16MAY09

Joshua had another good day. He was supposed to have a play date this morning but one of the family members woke up not feeling well. He still really wanted to go swimming so Renee called Sally and we got together at her house later in the afternoon. Joshua had a blast swimming and playing in the water with Cameron and Jayden. After cavorting in the water for a while they all chilled out in the hot tub with popsicles. It was a great day for him to be a normal little boy for a while. I am so glad that he is doing so well with the new chemo he is on. His energy levels have been good and he is still eating well. Hopefully this trend will continue for a while.

This evening during the rather violent thunderstorm that swept through Jarrod, Joshua, and I got in a game of Yahtzee while Renee played in the art room. It was a fun way to spend a stormy night. Tomorrow is a new day and the last 24 hour period we need to get through to set a new stay at home record. I feel confident that we will make it without a problem.


Jamie(Sister) said...

Whoo Hoo pool time!! It was really hot ourside today Joshy i know the pool did the trick. Thats great that you got to go swimming and you got to hang out and be a normal 7 year old for awhile ;)! Looks like you guys cooled off and warmed up all at the same time in the hot tub. =) Yay a new stay at home record! Thats awesome love bug, you are doing such a great job with the new chemo we are so proud of you! =) Well keep up the awesome work and we will see you guys tomorrow k sweet pea. =)


Mrs. Lewis said...

This means I can go to church with another praise report about Josh!!! Keep kicking butt Josh!!!
Mrs. Lydia
(Hey, atleast I didn't say "church" and "butt" in the same sentence!)

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

You are one magnificent little warrior. I am so happy about the good news and hope it continues.

It must have been fun in the hot tub eating a popsicle. I've never tried that one before. I think I will. What flavor goes best with a hot tub?

Stay at home, hang tough and kick butt 'cause you are The Mighty Warrior.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Miss Laura said...

All Right! Party time in the pool and planting a rock garden - all in the same weekend! Josh it looks like you are doing fantastic. little man. You truly are a Super Hero and Jarrod is a wonderful big brother. Boys, you make everyone smile when you have a good day together with family.
Love, Laura & Frank