Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rainy day... Day 188 19MAY09

Today was a great day to stay at home. It pretty much has been raining all day, it still is. Goodness knows we need the rain, just not all at once. I took Joshua to physical therapy this morning to work on his feet. He is trying very hard and he loves to do the exercises that involve kicking a ball. We are going to have to keep working on strengthening his tendons. Tomorrow after the clinic he is going to pick up his foot braces. They will hopefully help keep his tendons stretched while he is asleep. But like every thing else he comes up against he has adapted and never complains.

Later in the day after Renee got back from a doctors appointment we all went up to Wal Mart in search of LEGO's. Joshua used some of the money he got yesterday to get a special LEGO set to build. He was so excited in the store. Even our constant germ phobia couldn't slow him down. Have you ever considered how nasty the handle of a shopping cart is? Do they ever actually clean those things? I think not. Amazing how much differently you consider the universe when you are a cancer family.

As soon as we were done with dinner Joshua disappeared into his room to begin construction. He was totally absorbed in what he was doing for the next several hours until it was bedtime. He didn't get it finished, but he made good progress. I am sure he will button it up in the morning.

I am still in awe of our little angel from yesterday. I wish that I could have been home to meet her and tell her how special she is. I have said before that we as a people could learn much by hearkening to the song of a child's heart, and friends, the melody in hers is especially sweet.


Nonna said...

Good Morning Snuggle Monkey,

I am so happy that things are going better for you now and hope they continue. It looks like Angel Rylee's gift of love will keep you occupied for quite a while. What are you building?

I await news of the braces and hope they will perform as expected and you will soon be your mobile graceful self (or a close as you can get).

Your smile is one of the most beautiful in the Universe.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Thats awesome Joshy!!!! Lokks like you have lots of work to do love bug! =) I have a great feeling that you are going to get lots more legos to build ;) And you had another awesome day yay hope that you continue to stay like that monkey butt. Well i love you tons and see you soon