Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Growing... Day 184 15MAY09

Today was another day of playing in the dirt. Jarrod and Joshua talked Renee into taking them to Home Depot to get some more plants. The boys spent quite some time developing their respective rock gardens. When they were done they blindfolded Renee and led her out to the front porch to see their creations. They are really nice and are now framing the front steps.

Joshua continues to do okay, he is still having pain in his legs and arms but nothing unmanageable. Tonight he is rather restless and was a little nauseous before bed so he got some more zofran. We are still very close to setting an all time stay at home record this weekend. With any luck we will make it without any problem at all.


Nonna said...

Hey Master Gardner Snuggle Monkey,

The new gardens are beautiful! You and Jarrod have created quite a colorful entrance to your house. Do you have plans for more gardening?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that you beat the "stay home" record by lots and lots of weeks. And I think it stinks that you still have leg pains. I hope they cease soon.

Have a wonderful weekend - play with Fred, watch your garden grow, go for walks, ride your scooter, visit the Hammockians and chill.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

PLANTS LOOK AWESOME!!!! You and Jarrod did a great job Joshua! I love the many different kinds you guys planted or are in the process of planting =) And you guys got a little sun which os always good for you and all smiles i see monkey! Thats good you had a good day! We will becoming over on Sunday so cant wait. ; ) I love you guys and see you soon k