Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is how we roll... Day 197 28MAY09

Joshua and Jarrod wanted to go bowling, so we went bowling. We took them to the lanes that are not far from home early in the day when the bowling alley was pretty deserted. We walked in and asked the kid behind the counter if we could have a lane as far away from other people as possible. It is amazing that when you have a bald kid with you people don't ask too many questions. The boys had a great time bowling and did very well. Much better than I did. Renee as always beat us all soundly.

After I went off to work Renee and the kids went over to Jim and Sally's for dinner. Jim got a new smoker and he was dying to try it out. I hear the results were quite tasty. Master Jayden came over for the evening so Joshua and Jarrod could practice their Uncle skills. They are both going to make great fathers some day.

Joshua was overly tired this evening as he comes off of the steroids. The lack of sleep is catching up with him pretty quickly. I am hoping that he gets a good nights rest and can begin to feel better tomorrow.


Nonna said...

Good Morning Snuggle Monkey,

It looks like you had lots of fun going bowling. You bowling ball looks like it weighs almost as much as you! I still prefer the wii version.

Glad to hear you spent time with Jayden and practiced your Uncle skills. You're both going to be wonderful with your new neice. I can hardly wait to see those pictures.

Rest up mighty warrior and push those steroids out of your body. You are an Ace Butt Kicker!!!

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Yay Bowling!!! That looks like lots of fun!! Thats great you guys got to get out of the house for a while. =) Thats good exercise for you monkey butt! =) Yes you and Jarrod will be great uncles and great fathers some day! =) I am so happy that you are doing soo good Joshy, and i hope you catch up on your sleep then mommy and daddy can do the same. ; ) Well i love you guys and we will see you soon!!

p.s Your little neice says she cant wait to come out and play in 3 months! =) I know cause i did morise code with her kicks. =) ;)hahaha