Monday, January 10, 2011

Clinic and shopping… Day 787 10JAN11

Joshua went to clinic this morning and got his usual finger stick for his CBC. His ANC came back at 1350 which is a good jump up from his low numbers last week. As soon as they were done he headed home to meet with his teacher and get his school work done. After lunch the boys and Renee took my mom out to Brandon to get a little shopping done. They hit Game Stop so the boys could pick out a game from Nonna and then headed over to Babies-R-us to get something for Miss Allie. The rest of the day they spent at home hanging out and having a good time. Renee has gotten whatever cold I had last week and sounds like I did with the stuffy head and bad cough. Hopefully she will feel better in the the next few days and be back to normal. We are hoping that the kids both escape the bug that has knocked us both down. So far so good…

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