Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project day… Day 795 18JAN11

Joshua and Jarrod both had projects they wanted to work on with me today. Joshua wanted to build a case to hold his beyblade stuff and JArrod wanted to finish his LEGO thumb drive. We got Joshua's project underway after he and I got back from running a bunch of errands. We had a good time walking from store to store and just hanging out. He is a great little companion and I really enjoyed the one on one time with him. Joshua did almost all the work on his case with me only handling the parts that involved potentially finger removing types of things. A little later Jarrod and I finished his LEGO thumb drive which we had started working on this past weekend. It turned out pretty cool and he is very proud of it. The rest of our evening we spent hanging around and relaxing a bit while the Bolts won at home in a shootout. Joshua was very happy :)

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Laura and Frank said...

That is so cool! I am sorry I haven't posted a lot. My cheap phone (Metro PCS) won't let me get past the header on the pages so I have just finally gotten caught up with the last couple of weeks. We think of you often. Frank has had the same awful cold and on the second week of it. It is getting better. Stay well and know we love you. Miss Laura and Frank