Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Half day… Day 789 12JAN11

Today was a half day for the kids in public school so Joshua had arranged to have a play date with his friend Carly after she got out of school. First he had to get through his own school and get all his work done. He gave Miss Angela a rather hard time this morning and just didn't want to get through it easily. He did eventually get it done and headed over to Carly's for the day. Renee said he didn't call until 7 to arrange for her to pick him up and that he had a great time. My mom made it safe and sound to Colorado and has, I am sure, already enjoyed staring out at the snow covered mountains that surround where she is. So we are back to "normal" for the rest of the week with only a dentist appointment for Joshua along with his IVIG transfusion on Friday.

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Jamie(Sister) said...

Glad to hear Nonna got there safe and sound :-)

You and Carly always seem to have alot of fun when you two hang out. :-)
I'm glad that you got some school work done even though you didn't really want to bug.
You're doing a great job Joshua!!! We are really proud of you bug!! :-) love you and see you soon