Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goodbye to Nonna… Day 788 11JAN11

Joshua had several appointments today. First up was a visit to the hospital to get his hearing checked. The results were a little disheartening because he has some hearing loss in his left ear form the chemo he takes. Right now it is very mild but we will need to keep an eye on it as time progresses. At least we now have a baseline measurement to compare it to as we go forward. Next stop was a visit with Ms.Leanne at the CCC and then back home to hang out with Nonna. Jamie, Christian, and Miss Allie came over this afternoon as well to spend some time with us before we went to dinner at Renee's parent's house. My mom and I ran a few errands and had fun visiting our local nursery and looking for plants. She gave Renee and I a beautiful orchid which we I know we will both enjoy. We headed over to eat dinner and had a really nice time with all of the family. Scott, Alecia, Taylor, and Avery were there as well so we had a full table. The food was excellent thanks to Mary Ann's great cooking and we all left stuffed to the gills. Nonna leaves early in the morning for a visit with my brother in Telluride Colorado. Her flight is at 6:40 in the morning so she will have to leave the house around 5 to get there in time. We have really enjoyed having her with us these last few days. It is always hard for me to see her leave, it took me so long to find her in the first place. But she is always with me no matter how far apart we may be. I know she will enjoy the snow and I wish we could join her while she hangs out in the mountains. We wish her a safe and speedy journey and will count the days until we can see her again.

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Laura and Frank said...

Those are wonderful photos. So glad she was able to come visit!
Love, Miss Laura and Frank