Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nonnas here!… Day 785 08JAN11

The boys woke up excited today because Nonna was flying in this afternoon. When I left to go pick her up Joshua was baking her a welcome cake which he had finished just before we got back. Her flight was eventless and she had a good trip down from Virginia. It is a far sight warmer here than up north so she was shedding layers pretty quickly. We spent the afternoon having fun and letting the boys show off their skating skills. We even got a chance to take her up to the manatee center for a nice visit with our wintering manatees. After a nice dinner we settled in to watch the Bolts play up in Canada. Joshua was, of course, wearing his shirt and they won in regular time which made him very happy. As soon as the game was over everyone scattered for bed. Tomorrow we are going to have the kids over along with my dad so things should be a little crazy but fun like always :)


Asher said...

Lee, Ive been searching for you for a while and finally found you again, but not the way I was expecting.

I came across a 2009 article about Joshua and further searching brought me here.

Amalia and I are praying for Joshua and will send all good thoughts your way. We'll also keep an eye on this blog. shoot me an email sometime.

Ann said...

Crazy and fun sounds like a winning combination.My house seems so much warmer and becomes a home, when the whole family comes over.
Hope Josh is feeling better.