Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary… Day 801 24JAN11

Today is Renee and I's wedding anniversary. Unfortunately I had to work all day and she is stuck in the hospital with Joshua which has happened to us before  and wouldn't you know that this is one of the times I actually had a card and a present ready before hand :)

Joshua is still running a fever every time the Tylenol wears off and will be stuck in the hospital until he can get it under control. Jarrod is still sick but doing better. Pa took Jarrod to the pediatrician today and she diagnosed him with flu and put him on some meds to help him get better quicker. He is supposed to stay away from Joshua until he is fever free. He spent the day with grandma and pa and is spending the night with them as well. I will go pick him up in the morning. Thank goodness for Renee's parents being available to help us out with Jarrod.

I went to see Joshua and Renee after class tonight and he was looking okay but I could tell he was tired from the fever. We played a few card games and then I tucked him in and headed home. As of tonight almost our entire leukemia family is in the hospital. Anderson, Lisa, Wojtek, Emma, Shawn, and Preston are all on the same floor as Joshua. Not exactly the kind of family reunions we like. Emma came back positive for the flu but Joshua did not so they are re-testing him, should have results in the morning. His counts remain high thanks to the steroids and so far al the cultures have come back negative as well as negative results on his virus panels. He is stuck in his room until he is no longer running a fever and I am sure cabin fever will set in pretty soon. Renee and I are both hoping that we do not become the next ones to fall victim to this flu, to much to get done to bother with being sick.

So please send lots of happy thoughts to all of our kids in the hospital. With luck they will all be back safe at home very soon.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

A bazillion thousand million happy thoughts are beaming to you and all your friends stuck in the hospital. And a double amount are beaming to their families so nobody else gets whatever is running rampant among you.

I sure hope Jarrod is on the mend and feeling better this morning. Thank God for Grandpa and Ma!

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


I want to go back to the days of hearing about your skating, play dates and school work!

Jamie(Sister) said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!
Sad to know that both of the boys are sick and that you don't get to spend your Anniversary at home together. :-(

We hope the boys feel better soon and the fevers go away. :-) we love you all tons

PS Allie misses her Uncles and Grandma Nee' and Grandpa Lee :-)