Monday, October 10, 2011

Flying low… Day 1058 10OCT11

We had a little bit of a shock this morning when Joshua's ANC came back at 405 which is really low compared to what it should be. The doctor looked him over and didn't hear or see anything to be concerned about but his chemo is suspended for the remainder of the week. Not the kind of news we want to start our week with.

On a good note Yan's sister Jennifer will be staying with us for a few days. She is on her fall break from college and needed a place to stay so we were glad to oblige. She met Renee at the clinic and came home with Renee and Joshua. 

I made it home in time to get a quick skate in with Jarrod and then sit down with everybody and watch the Lightning play the Capitals. It was a tense game which ended in a shoot out. Unfortunately we didn't win but the boys played a great game.

So for the rest of the week we will keep a close eye on Joshua and hope that his counts rise back up where they belong.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Bummer news all around. Low ANC and the Bolts losing a game. Sure hope things improve.

Sorry to hear the chemo has been suspended. I'm with everybody in wanting this nightmare of yours to be over.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Scarlett said...

No sickies! No sickies! No sickies!!! Stay away germs!!! Hayden has been asking about you, Joshua. We've all been sick with icky colds in our house. Once we get that all cleared out, and your ANCs are up, maybe you can come over and play???