Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back home... Day 168 29APR09

We got back from the beach this evening after a pleasant drive across our fair state. Lets go back and pick up the highlights from yesterday and today.

We got to Cocoa Beach just after lunch yesterday and it wasn't long before Josh and Jarrod were in the pool. I was really surprised at how well Joshua was in the pool. He has not been swimming in over six months but you would have thought he spent every day on the water. It was neat to watch him really enjoying himself. He was really cute with his mask and snorkel topped off with a red bandanna. He got tired and cold pretty quick but frequent rest breaks helped him keep his strength up. He was swimming and doing flips underwater like there was no tomorrow. Later in the evening we took a walk down to the beach to check out the waves and get a little sand in between our toes. The tide was coming in and we had an onshore breeze, the waves were really stacking up. The water is still a little cool for my tropical blood but not that bad. We made our normal pilgrimage to Ron Jon's to get in touch with the surf vibe then had a great dinner at the little fish restaurant we always eat at. Jarrod got to have his favorite, king crab legs. We were all in bed and asleep just after 9.

This morning we woke up and took the boys to the beach. We figured the waves would be calmer in the morning. Not so. Josh was having difficulty just standing knee deep in the surf line so we switched over to putt putt golf. Joshua and Jarrod had been asking to go ever since we drove in past the golf place. It was a fun 18 holes and the boys were putting pretty well. Josh started to get tired about the tenth hole but we found a shady spot to rest for a bit and he was okay to finish the course. No hole in ones this time but we did have a funny incident when Jarrod's ball got stuck under a bridge. Renee and I were having a great time watching the boys try and get his ball out.

After lunch we headed back to the pool for a while and got some more swimming in. All of us were pretty tired by afternoon so we took a nice siesta. Joshua wanted to eat crab legs so off we went back to the Fish House. A great meal later we were on the road headed back for home. It was a really fun break from all of the normal craziness that defines us at home. It was wonderful to see Joshua swimming and truly having a great time. I wish that he had more energy, he loves being in the water. A big thanks to Dr. Jim and Sally for the use of their condo, it was a nice break.

Tomorrow we go back to our normal routine. Jarrod has school as does Joshua; I have to get back to work. Joshua will not get anymore chemo until May 6 when he starts delayed intensification. In the meantime we are going to try and get him rested up and add a few pounds to his lean little frame.


Miss Laura said...

Home again from the sea come the sailors (and beachcombers)... it was a wonderful gift of a place to stay and time for you to be a family enjoying it all together. Next time let us know when you're going and you can take Frank's surfboard.

The pics are the best and the smiles even better - Jarrod I'm glad you love those snow crab claws - they are the best seafood ever. So relax for a while and enjoy some time at home - get caught up on school work and of course the beads. We love you all! Laura & Frank

Jamie(Sister) said...

Wow looks like you guys had a blast Joshy!! =) Thats great you guys had soo much fun and mom and dad got a chance to relax! Crab legs hu?... I love those they are about the only type of sea food ill eat. ;) Thats great you and Jarrod played some golf and got to go swimming alot monkey butt its great exercise! I love the pictures and all of your cool little bandannas you were wearing. =) Well hope everyones gets a good nights sleep. Love you guys see you soon


Nonna said...

Yo Matey!

Looks like you had a great time and I am happy for all of you. It was a well deserved and much needed break from the world.

I love the photo of you and Jarrod in the waves. The protective big brother and the daring monkey.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Mrs. Lewis said...

Aquaman is back! Looks like you guys had a much deserved fun time together. Enjoy the short week and I'll see ya next week on Tues. & Thur.!!!
Ms. Lydia