Friday, April 3, 2009

End of an age.... Day 142 03APR09

Today marks the end of an age. The age of six. This is Joshua's last picture as a young six year old.

At 1:37 in the morning Joshua will begin the new age of seven. He is very excited about becoming older. We were talking earlier this evening and he was telling me that now that he will be older I cannot tickle him anymore. I asked him what I was supposed to do with my extra time if I could not tickle him. He thought for a minute and then asked, "Are babies ticklish?" I told him that of course all babies are ticklish. He said, "When Jamie and Christian's baby is born you can tickle her." He will be a wise seven year old uncle indeed.

Josh is still doing well at home. He is still taking pretty good naps in the afternoon but his overall energy level seems to be up. We are still working on getting him to be more active. Especially exercising his legs to get them stronger. He did not want to take a walk tonight but maybe next time. I am sure he will get plenty of activity tomorrow as the birthday gent of the day.

Seven years ago Renee and I were at the hospital in Brandon getting ready to go into surgery for a c-sec. We had no idea what we were having, we had decided to keep the sex a secret until the very end. Nervous and anxious we waited for our new child to come into the world. Later that night we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy son. We named him Joshua Edward. It seems like it was only yesterday. But we have come far since that joyous night and we have far to go from here on our long walk together.

When dawn breaks a new age begins.

The age of the seven year old warrior.


Roxy and Brandon said...

Josh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!! I will be seeing you next week. I hope you celebrated big! Love you and see you soon.


Nonna said...


I hope today is perfect just for you. I cannot wait to see how much you changed since you turned 7!!!!

What a wonderful strong 7 year old you are.

Are you certain you want to turn over all the tickling to your niece?

Have the happiest Birthday possible.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Biz said...

Have a very happy birthday Josh!!!

Lots of love,
Biz and family

Jamie(Sister) said...

YAY We loved staying the night with you monkey!! and your BIG BIRTHDAY IS TODAY well tomorrow!!!! OH YEA THE BIG 7!! CANT WAIT. I love that you are in such a good mood today Joshua!! Well hope you have the best 7th birthday!! Love you and see you when i get done writing this. =)


Mrs. Lewis said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Joshua! Glad to see that you are spending it at home. Have a safe & happy spring break & Easter and eat lots of yummy foods - see ya in a week!!!
Mrs. Lydia

Miss Laura said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
What a wonderful day to be 7 years old! You look fantastic and I know you will have a most AWESOME day!

Jarrod, Renee and Lee - take good care of that birthday boy and remember to give him some hugs and kisses from me. Laura & Frank