Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures... Day 157 18APR09

I managed to get a lot of pictures of the elusive Joshua toady so I thought I would share. Create a sort of photo essay.

Christian and Jamie came to visit while I was at the hospital this evening. Joshua was unhooked from his IV for a little while so he got to wander around the floor and play with Christian.

Joshua built the potato head people and explained to Jamie and Christian that they were models of him, Christian, Jamie, and their baby.

Joshua had four arms because they ran out of ears...

Jamie is getting bigger every day. The baby is starting to move around and she is so excited. So are we!

Joshua is already a crazy driver. We are going to be in trouble when he starts to drive for real.

Joshua even got a chance to go outside on a walk with Mom and Dad. It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside for a bit.

Now for the other stuff. Joshua was seen by the GI specialist this morning and he has prescribed some new meds to see if they can get his stomach under control. If the meds work we can modify his diet and he should do okay. If they don't work they are going to scope Joshua's esophagus and stomach on Monday. Heres hoping that they will work. So Josh and Renee are stuck in the hospital until at least Monday. We miss them terribly, the house is not the same without them around.


Miss Laura said...

So cool to see you unhooked from the IV! I love the potato head family:) It was a beautiful day to go for a walk and I love the ride you have. Lots of love and hugs and here's hoping that today brings more smiles and happy thoughts! Love, Laura & Frank

Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

You are the only person I know who can almost always find sunshine and fun in a less than happy place! (Lee and Renee, you should look into bottling 'essence of Joshua' - you could make a fortune!!!!!)

So happy to see you unhooked and being silly and goofy. I hope the new meds work and that your tummy will calm down and act right.

Tell Jamie her 'belly' is beautiful. I am so happy that the little one is making her presence known.

Hang tough little warrior.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Anonymous said...

Hi Josh!

This is David Parkansky. I see in your picture that we have the same PJs.
It looks like you had fun on Easter. I did too! I visited my Aunt Mindy in Alabama. She use to be the church secretary, we all said a prayer for you at Mass.

We hope you are feeling better. We miss you at Sunday School. My brother Andrew and my grandma, Miss Linda say “hi” too!

Your friend,

Jamie(Sister) said...

Whooo hooo crazy driver coming through watch out!!!!! =) We had lots of fun with you Joshua i know Chrstian did. He had fun drifting you in that little car. =) I hope that the new meds work out love bug! Tell that tummy of your to start getting into gear again. =) We love you and will see you tomorrow!! We love our little family of potato heads you did a good job with no ears. ; ) Well will see you guys soon. Love you.

oh yea bella says hi and she misses her Gandy family. =)