Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wait an hour... Day 164 25APR09

Today was pretty much like any other Saturday. We got up and did our normal morning things. Renee went shopping in Brandon. Jamie and Christian came over to spend the day.ThenJoshua's cheeks got really rosy and his head felt warm. Out came the thermometer, 100.2.

Renee started getting all the suitcases sorted out and finished up her laundry.

An hour later another reading, 100.4. A steady climb; we have seen this before so Renee started packing.

Another hour and another reading, this time it was 101.The dreaded make the call number had arrived, so we did. Renee talked to Dr. Rossbach, it is probably the methotrexate causing the fever she suggested. He agreed. But neither of us is willing to just call it a done deal and let it go at that. Wait and hour he said and call me back.

Another hour, another reading. Still 101. We called back. Let's wait one more hour before you bring him to the hospital since he is not feeling bad and is eating.

Another nail biting hour and then 100.2.

Another hour and 99.8. Have the troops stand down.

As I write this Josh is sleeping peacefully and is still at 99.8, we just checked him a few minutes ago. This time we get to stay home and sleep in our own beds. Tomorrow? If he sticks to past habits his fever will come back and be up to 101 by tomorrow afternoon.

Will it drop back down if we wait an hour?

We can hope...


Mrs. Lewis said...

I hope so, too! When I saw the word "suitcases", I said out loud "Oh no!". He's just a little hot potato these days. But I'm glad he's feeling better & eating. I think he liked taking turns on Friday, picking out which tasks HE wanted to do. So we'll do that tomorrow. Time for me to round up my gang for church, where Josh is on our prayer list. This has become part of my morning routine: turn on the TV for the boys, get my morning caffeine & vitamins, and go online to check on Josh. Hopefully Josh can continue to "chill" at home!!!
Ms. Lydia

Jamie(Sister) said...

Yay no hospital!! What a relief hu monkey butt.? =) I know that we were all relieved especially mommy and daddy. I hated seeing you with those rosy cheeks and then came the bucket. =( But i was very happy to hear that after you threw up you felt a little better and you were still hungry. ;) Thats always good news love bug.
I love the Tail of Desp.... im not even going to try to spell it =) its a good movie. Love you tons monkey butt