Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surfs up... Day 166 27APR09

Josh got the green light today for a trip to the beach. He got up and started his day with Ms. Lydia and school. As soon as he was done it was off to clinic for labs. His ANC came back at 850 and his platelets are okay so we are going to go ahead with our trip to Cocoa Beach. Both of the boys have been looking forward to going and have already laid out enough stuff to fill the trunk with inflatable rings and boogie boards. Not to mention more dive gear than Jacques Costeau usually packed. It will be fun to get them away from their life here for day or two. This will only be the second time since Joshua was diagnosed that we have been able to take him anywhere away from home. The last trip was to River Ranch and that was a great healing experience for all of us. A day at the beach and hanging around the pool will, I am sure, have a wonderful therapeutic effect on us as well. We are lucky to have friends like Dr. Jim and Sally who will let us use their beach getaway. I will be watching Joshua like a hawk in the water but I know he will have a great time. He loves the beach. I am not sure what kind of internet connection I am going to be able to dig up but I will endeavor to tap in somewhere to update the blog.

Joshua was putting beads on his bravery bead chain today. The chain is already almost 12 feet long! It will grow several more feet when he gets the rest of the beads he collected at the clinic today on there. He is not even close to being caught up for the last month or so. It is humbling to remember that every bead represents something that has happened to him. A blood draw, or chemo, or a stay at the hospital... I am sure that the beads will wrap around the house before he is done with all of this.


Miss Laura said...

Congratulations Gandy boys! I am so happy you received your first communion together. I miss the page a couple days and all sorts of things are happening! So very glad you get to go to Cocoa Beach!

Renee and Lee you have beautiful sons and we are very glad to know the nasty fever went away when you waited an hour. Love, Laura & Frank

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Cocoa Beach here you come!!! I am so happy for all of you that you get a respite from the daily drill. I hope the weather is perfect and the waves are extraordinary. Have fun.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

WHOO HOO!!Cocoa Beach here comes the Gandy family. =) That is such great news love bug!! You finally get to go to the beach and everyone gets to relax and have tons of fun!! =) Make sure you have some extra fun for me and christian. I love the bravery beads you are getting so much and it is getting very long!! ;) We love you tons and cant wait to see all of the pictures mommy and daddy is going to take. See you soon.