Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chance of sunshine.... Day 153 14APR09

The weather today matched the way we feel. It was dreary and overcast with lots of rain. Although the forecast was for a chance of rain. I think it should have been for a chance of sunshine, which we didn't get. Joshua is still stuck in the hospital with no clear end in sight. His ANC is up a little but the fever is still hanging in there. It was 102 when I left his side this evening. He is tired and frail looking. The current thinking is this: the fevers are due to the double dose of Methotrexate; the stomach pain is also from the Methotrexate. The next time he is going to get the same treatment they are going to dose him with hydrocortisone before hand to see if it will control the reaction any better. I hope it works.

Josh only allowed one picture today with Nurse Ellen. She was the first nurse we had when we started this long journey and she was the one who told us a lot of valuable things in the first hours of Joshua's diagnosis. She was right about every single thing she told us and it is something we will never forget. She was leaving today for a well earned vacation in Aruba. We hope she has a great time.

Neither I or Renee expect to have Joshua home any time soon. Not until the fever goes down. I am hopeful that he can make it home by the weekend but time will tell.


Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

Seven Thousand Cheers or Nurse Ellen! Let's hope she has a well earned rest in Aruba.

So sorry to hear you may be in for the whole week. It's a real bummer that what can heal you can also make you feel so bad. Let's hope that the next round with the additional medication makes it easier on you (and everyone else).

I look forward to soon hearing about you climbing, walking, playing games - in general, just having fun and being you!

Hang tough little warrior. You are mighty!

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Hey Joshy!! =) You know that today is the mark of 5 months...Yep it feels alot longer than that doesnt it. =) Yea today was a crappy day outside but hey we got soem rain and some plant got free water. =) I hope tomorrow is alot better day for and mommy! Hopefully more smiles. Me and Christain will be up later to see you k. Love you and try to keep your head up high love bug You are doing a wonderful job at kicking butt. =)