Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter.... Day 151 12APR09

It almost didn't happen. Renee called me early this morning, Joshua was running a fever. He had been up several times during the night with a headache and an upset stomach. We were going to have to bring Easter to Joshua. Truth be known the Easter Bunny had already visited the hospital and left some wonderful things behind.

Joshua had a bunch of chocolate bunnies left from the hunt at the hospital yesterday. So he decided to give them to all of the nurses on the TCE. He saved the biggest one for Dr. Obzut because, "She works very hard." It was a very sweet gesture.

It was several hours later as I was getting everything ready that the phone rang and Renee let me know that Joshua had managed to actually wrangle a day pass. They were on their way home for a few hours. Even though he had a fever of 101 after taking Tylenol.

Joshua had a fun time hunting for eggs. Unfortunately it took every drop of energy he had. By the time he was finished he was exhausted. It breaks my heart to see him so tired and run down. At least he got to be with his family for a little while and he got the chance to look for eggs with all of the other kids. After a late lunch it was time for Renee to take him back to the hospital. He got a transfusion of Albumin when he got back and promptly fell asleep. I hope that he and Renee can get a good nights rest tonight. I know that they are both exhausted from the last couple of days.

Jarrod and I will continue to take care of things at home with the hope that Joshua will be back with us real soon.

I have posted a bunch of pictures from today on our Flickr page Click HERE to take a look.

A very Happy Easter to all of our friends!


Jamie(Sister) said...

HAPPY EASTER MONKEY!!! I knew that the Easter Bunny would find you!
I am soo soo happy that you and mommy got to get the day pass and see everyone today!! You found so many eggs Joshy! But then Uncle Scott and Jarrod hind the last 4 really good.. =) We had lots of fun with you and all of the other kids today love bug. Man i was right there with you sitting on the couch after the easter egg hunt we were tired ; ) Oh and i got all the "I LOVE YOU TOs" i wanted haha. Now i just have to wait for another holiday for me to get those 3 words agian. ; ) Goofy butt. Well i love you love bug and hope you and mommy get a good night sleep tonight and hope that you are home again before next weekend and if not we will come see you at your other home. =)


Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

I am so happy you got to be home for Easter. I love Mommy in her "ears". She makes a really neat bunny.

Hang tough my little warrior.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,