Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 66 Update - 17JAN09

Today was one of those "normal" feeling days when we let our guard down a little bit and try and act like a normal family. 

We all went over to the Robelli's house for Jayden's  two year birthday party and had a wonderful time. Josh got to play and just be a little boy for a few hours. Of course he was wearing a mask, he's the only bald kid, and Mom and Dad are majorly over protective... Before we would have walked in and looked to see what kind of spread was laid out to eat, now we look to make sure there is hand sanitizer. But he still managed to have a lot of fun. We did to. It is one of the few times in the last couple of months that we could go somewhere that did not involve lots of waiting or worrying. Instead we got to visit with good friends, make some new friends, eat way too much, and watch as all the beautiful children played and giggled and ate cake. It was nice.

Monday we go back to being a family dealing with cancer.

Jamie and Christian came over for a while this evening to visit. Jamie is so cute talking about getting maternity clothes and looking at stuff for the baby she is nurturing inside of her tummy. I still am having a hard time thinking of myself as a Grandfather and Renee as a Grandmother, but we are warming to the idea. Still have lots of time before we officially assume our new roles. Still have lots of Mountain Dew and M&M's to stock up on for babysitting:)

Eric and Alyssa are hours away from bringing a new life into the world! We are anxiously awaiting news and vital statistics. More details to come...


:-) said...
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Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 66 DUDE!!! I look fat... =( im really starting to look pregnant joshy!!!!!! oh my goodness what am i going to do with myself... =) You need to smile more buster!!! Im gunna kick your butt. I love you and i am very happy that the family got to go and have lots of fun with their close friends and you and jarrod got to get out of the house. =) I love your radiation mask dude its awesome. =) And yes mom and dad are going to grandma and grandpa!!! old grandma and grandpa.... just kidding... lol We cant wait to bring her or she into our wonderful life and family. We had fun seeing you guys tonight and joshua you are looking better and better every time i see you!!!! Your cheeks are almost to normal again. Well we love you guys and see you soon!!!!! =)

XOXO LOVE JAMIE BELLA AND CHRISTIAN(and the little one in my tummy =)

Miss Laura said...

Wow! so much to talk about today. I'm really glad you got to sort of assume the normal family mode for a little while and go to a friends party. Josh is looking really good and like he was contemplating some monkey business in that photo with Jamie. Renee and Lee, you will be fantastic grandparents :) Just look at wonderful parents you are and remember this lets a lot of people become great-grandparents as well. This will add more ballast to the sailboat and another sailor in the family.

We love you and hope everything goes well Monday for Josh. I'll call you in the evening.

Miss Laura & Frank

Gramma Linda said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

You and Jamie make for a great photo! You do look like you have some mischief on you mind though. Hmmmmmmm - what are you thinking?

So glad you had a fun outing and got to leave the house for a destination other than the hospital.

I hear you are not eating much. You remind me of your Uncle Eric. I used to beg, bribe and plead for him to eat. How in the world did you get that gene I wonder?!?!? Try and make your Mom and Dad smile - eat. Strong warriors eat so they can stay strong. Lecture is over.

Love, hugs and kisses

Gramma Linda (soon, please Lord, real soon, to become Nonna)