Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Even Close... Day 68 19JAN09

Josh got up this morning and he and Mom and brother headed out the door with suitcases in tow. Off to the clinic they went to get Joshua a CBC. Did we qualify for the next round of chemo? Not even close. His ANC came back at 119. Big sigh... It was 258 on Wednesday. We are going in the wrong direction here. He was upset when he got home as if somehow it is his fault that he doesn't have enough white cells. It breaks my heart. 

SO... no overnight stay, no chemo, we took the left fork instead of the right one. Now we wait and pray that his little body is climbing up hill and he will be ready next Monday.

Friday we go in to the clinic in the morning to see if he is at least 500 so he can go to camp for the weekend. He really wants to go and he will be upset if he gets blown out because his counts are down. We all want to go, it will be a fun weekend with the family in an environment that will help us grow and get a little stronger, a little wiser.

 Meanwhile Renee and I fret that we are losing treatment time and adding days onto the end. As far as the rest of the day I realized around lunch time that even though I had been getting ready to go to work this evening that it is, in fact, a national holiday and I have the night off. Glad I figured it out before I drove 35 miles to sit in an empty parking lot and wonder where the heck everybody else was:0

The boys did school work (they don't know it is a school holiday). We all spent the afternoon having a good time and spending time together that we would not normally have. Jarrod was crowned Qwirkle champion for the evening after soundly trumping both his little brother and Dad. He won with his usual gracious style.

Its business as usual for the next couple of days, constant sanitizing, trying to get Josh to eat more food, school work. Our biggest worry right now is keeping josh from picking up any kind of infection or running a fever and earning a three day pass to the hospital. 

Josh started up the Wii today to use the Wii fit and when his Mii (his character) came up he decided it didn't look like him anymore because it had hair. So we made a little change.


Scarlett said...

I love your new Mii!!! Very handsome!

Scarlett Truong (Hayden's Mom)

Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 68! AAWWW you look so cute and your wii looks just like you monkey. =) hope you get your wbc up soon so that you can get your treatments. i love you see you guys soon. =)

LOVE JAMIE BELLA AND CHRISTIAN(and the little one in my tummy=)

Miss Laura said...

So cool that you can change Mii to look like you. I'm glad you had the day at home with family and really hope and pray the counts will go up so you can go to the camp. Your Mom described it to me and it sounds so cool. If you can't this time, there's always a next time though. Lee, congratulations on becoming an uncle with your brother's son. Gramma Linda must be in hog heaven right now. All those boys, sure hope Jamie has a girl, otherwise Avery is going to be the lone girl in the crowd (not that she'd mind I'm sure). Rest easy and know our prayers are with you all the time.

Love, Laura & Frank

Gramma Linda said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

I adore your new Mii. It looks almost exactly like you (although not anywhere near as cute and precious - or do I mean precocious?)

I am so disappointed for you that you couldn't get Chemo. My prayers are that you will get stronger and grow those little white cells so you can make it to camp and also get your treatment next week.

Congratulations Jarrod!!!!!!! Qwirkle is a game that takes one very smart cookie to win - and you are indeed one extremely smart cookie.

We got snow today - YIPEEEEEEEEE! I guess technically we got a dusting - somewhere in the vicinity of maybe 1/4". But then, whose measuring? Snow is snow and I love it! If I can get Blessing to cooperate, we will go outside later and build a 'snow something or other'.

Hope you guys are glued to the tube today - History in the making. The words of our Constitution will finally become a reality.

Love, hugs and tons of kisses

Gramma Linda

And yes, Miss Laura, I am in hog heaven. And I may never fully come back down to earth!

Deborah Younglao said...

Keep fighting Joshua - you are doing a great job! I hope the treatments can start soon and that you can go to camp.

Cute Mii!

Deborah (Gramma Linda's friend)