Monday, January 19, 2009

The results are in!

Ladies and Gentleman for your wonderment and amazement this evening, straight from the mountains of Colorado, Prince of the winter, Apple of the eye, the one, the only:



(He's the cute one on the left)

Thats right, it's official! Word came down from the Colorado office earlier today, after intense deliberation and thoughtful consideration a decision was reached. A loud cheer was heard from the onlookers gathered in the streets below.

Alyssa and Dylan are doing wonderful and I am so jealous that I cannot hold the cute little bundle that they have been blessed with. If only I could find that stupid teleportation machine Jarrod and I lost in the garage...


Jamie(Sister) said...

omg he is gorgeous!!! awww the new daddy looks soo tired. =( im sure they will get use to that and we will have to soon. =) good luck


Gramma Linda said...

Sweet Jamie,

One never gets used to being tired. Alyssa and Eric consider themselves fortunate indeed to be able to sleep for 30 minutes at a time. But what a beautiful, wonderful and awesome reason to be so tired! Alyssa tells me that Eric is the champion swaddler - he can make Dylan into a burito in no time flat and Dylan does love to be snuggy in his blanket.

Take care sweet Jamie - your time will arrive.

Love, hugs and kisses and lots of gentle tummy pats,

'Great' Gramma Linda (wonder it I can get a new title for this little one?)

Ann said...
Renee- go to this place, and see if it will help Josh with his food. I wish I would have found it when I was doing Chemo.Sure would have helped me.It is a great book to have on hand. My thoughts are with you. Ann (Jen's Mom)