Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Josh got his ANC up to 352 this morning! So close, we only have a little ways to go so they will spring him for a couple of days. Josh got another day pass and came home to do school work with Ms. Lydia. 

We managed to get in some awesome hammock time this afternoon after he was done with his school work. Mom even got into the action. Yes, it is warm enough to lay out in the hammock... We have gone from cold to warm again. It is hard to handle the crazy changes in the temperature sometimes. We go from below freezing with frost on the ground to almost 80 degrees in the span of four days. I never know what to wear.

Jarrod is doing awesome in his virtual school and gets his work done quickly all by himself. He is really flourishing so far and I think he is learning way more than he did before.

Blue skies and not a care in the air:)

Toady we received a surprise visit from Master Pe Yu master of all that is unknowable and smells like aged parmesan. Ain't little boy feet sweet?!

I was watching Josh play a game on the Wii today and he was really concentrating on playing. It was hilarious to watch. He looked like he was trying to chew his tongue off:) 
He was definitely having fun! I am not sure if he plays any better like that but he definitely gives it everything he has.

It is great to see him playing and being a little boy...


Christian said...

DAY 76. =)Master Pe Fu hu?? =) I love the video of you playing the wii, what game? was if transformers? You looked like you were having so much fun monkey and i love the picture of you and dad in the hammock!! You are one goofy little boy and thats great you got to go outside today being you goofy and having fun. =) today was a beautiful day outside. YAY your anc is up really high! Thats great love bug i knew you would get them back up there!! You got all of your schoolwork done.. good boy =) Jarrod im proud of you for doing soo good in virtual school. Thats great buddy, You always do great at things you put your mind to. =) Well i am very happy that everyone had a great day today and got to go outside and have some fun. We love you all and we will see you guys this weekend if everyone is at home!!! =)

XOXO LOVE JAMIE BELLA AND CHRISTIAN(and the little in my tummy. =) ps yes joshy and jarrod we will bring the nerf guns. =)

Jamie(Sister) said...

its from me jamie =)

Miss Laura said...

Day 76 and taking it easy in the sunshine. That is a fantastic picture of Joshua and Lee. So glad everyone got some fresh air today and love the ANC at 352! We think it's great that Jarrod is doing so well in his virtual classroom - of course he's a computer whiz, so completing his work on time 4 GOLD Stars for you! I can't decide which part of the video I liked the best - the tongue playing with the other loose tooth or the feet not staying still. We've gotta get a Wii. Hope you get to stay home soon, buddy. It will be awesome to sleep in your own beds. Love, Miss Laura

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

I loved talking to you on the phone yesterday. But I'm wondering today if you have any tongue left! You really looked like you were into that game big time.

Way to go Jarrod!!! I am thrilled that you are doing so well in virtual school. You'll be at college levels before the year is over.

Lee, the video is awesome. I hope you can find the time to do it more often - but then I really enjoy the stills too.

Glad you all got in some hammock time.

Love, hugs and kisses