Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mankind had its chance - Brrrrrrrr... 22JAN09

The morning dawned cold here. That's right, I said cold. It was 28 degrees this morning when we got up, even by northern standards that qualifies as respectably frigid. By Floridian standards the ice age has returned, mankind has had its chance to flourish, and the dinosaurs will now get another shot. To make matters worse Jarrod and I can't find our winter flip-flops anywhere in the house.

Josh is still sequestered at the hospital, his count rose slightly to 134 on this mornings labs. It is an upward trend at least, a definite step in the right direction. He will probably get to come home tomorrow even if his counts do not improve as long as he is not running a fever.

Jarrod and I spent the morning working on Language Arts and writing, not his favorite subjects. Funny how doing school work at a sixth grade level definitely does not make one nostalgic. We managed to get it all done with plenty of time left over for him to get in some hard core engineering time.

The ingenuity of a bored child never ceases to amaze me. Josh has discovered a brand new sport, pole surfing. Apparently he practiced all afternoon as has become one of the front runners in the new Pole Surfers Leauge. We are so proud of him...

He is actually connected to the pole by his IV tubing, in case you were wondering. Oh yeah, he's mine;)


Jamie(Sister) said...

OH YEA DAY 71!! and surfing like crazy! =) what gave you that idea monkey i bet it kept you busy for a little while andit looks like tons of fun!!!. It had to of made mom a little nervous i know i would make me. =) Yay you get to go home tomorrow! whoo hoo i know you and mom cant wait to get out of that place. =) Hoping you guys get to go to camp tomorrow night! Just keep eating and smiling. Oh and i am very proud of you for eating most of your pasta that dad brought you. yummy yummy in your tummy. We are for sure going to bring the nerf guns over next time we come over. We didnt want to bring them while you were in the hospital because it would give mom and dad more to carry. Well i love you love bug and keep those counts going up you are doing great. !!! See you soon monkey butt. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Have my first doctor appointment on Monday.. nervous. Ive been getting morning sickness.. blahhh. I hate it, it is the worst thing to have. ; )

XOXO LOVE JAMIE BELLA AND CHRISTIAN(and the little one in my tummy. =)

Patricia Appelquist said...

Keeping inventing new ways to get unbored...and try to stay warm...

Gramma Linda said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Great new activity you invented. Wonder if it will make it to the Olympics? You should check into that. They could name the new event after you "The Joshua Glide". You could be famous!

Glad to hear you are eating more and I hope your counts get high enough to spring you rom the hospital and smack into the middle of Camp!

Jarrod, you are an amazing builder. Wonder what you could do if turned loose with a supply of lumber, steel beams and glass! you could be the next Frank Lloyd Wright. Then I could hire you to design and build a house for me.

Hang in there with the language arts - words are power.

Oh, Sweet Jamie - Morning Sickness is definitely the pits! I hope it leaves you soon. I will wait anxiously to hear about the doctor visit.

Okay Snuggle Monkey. See what you can conjure for entertainment today.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses

Gramma Linda

Renee said...

Quick update ....No Camp. Joshua's ANC only went up 5points not even close to the mark we needed. Joshua is ok with it now. He knows there is a reason for everything and he will still have the chance to go in the summer to the same location for a whole week just by himself. We are doing good and finding little things to amuse ourselves. Love to everyone. Renee and Joshua.