Sunday, June 14, 2009

Babies, Birthdays, and Sushi... Day 214 14JUN09

Joshua had a great day. Jamie and Christian came over to spend the day and play. We also got to celebrate Alecia's 28th (she said) birthday. I'll let the pictures do the talking tonight.

Joshua with Jamie was incredibly touching. It is beautiful to see them, all three of them, interact. Joshua will truly be a special uncle.

Our favortie sushi chef in training made a wonderful spread tonight to take to Alecia's party. He just keeps getting better.

Give kids, even big ones, a little extra time and some napkin rings and you will laugh until you cry.

Happy Birthday Alecia! (Even if it really isn't your 28th:)


Jamie(Sister) said...

Happy birthday Alicia. =)
I Love it when you spend time with your niece Joshua, even if shes in my belly still. ; ) That was so neat and i love that you get so much enjoyment out of it to. =) She seems to only move around and kick alot for you and mommy. =) We had a blast playing with you and Jarrod today, like always. You guys did so awesome on the police station and the castle!!! Those two sets i must say are my favorite!!! Well i wish you luck tomorrow love bug at the doctors and same for you Jarrod. ; ) I will be right behind you guys getting yucky blood work done and starving. =( I love you guys!!

ps Thank you mom, Alicia and Grandma peters for all you are doing and for all you have done!! =)

Miss Laura said...

Hey Joshua! It's a beautiful sight seeing you with your niece and Jamie. The bond you have is so amazing. I missed several days of the site and have to read up on what's been happening. I've been to Dallas, TX and now I am in Mesa, AZ visiting family.

I hope all goes well at the doctor and Will call your Mommy later today for an update.

We love you all and want you to know you look simply marvelous.
Laura & Frank

Nonna said...

Good Morning Snuggle Monkey,

How beautiful to see you with Jamie and your little niece. You will make a most extraordinary Uncle!

And it's great to see you having so much fun at the birthday party! What a cut-up you are.

Hope you Monday is better that you could ask for.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


ps and Alecia didn't look much over 20 to me!