Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun in the sun... Day 215 15JUN09

Joshua had another great day. He got up early and went to the clinic to get his counts checked. The results were real good, his ANC is over 3000 and his platelets are good. So when Renee was talking to Sally and she said something about going to the pool we jumped at the chance. It was a beautiful day and the pool was great.

Joshua, Jarrod, Cameron, and Jayden all played until they were just worn out. It was great to watch Josh interacting with other kids and having a fun time like a normal child. He loves nothing more than being in the water and I swear he and Jarrod would both grow gills if we left them in too long. The pool even had a cool water slide that they really enjoyed. Okay I really enjoyed it too:) We all got some good old Florida sun.

After we got back and had diner Joshua and Jarrod were both siting on the couch and couldn't keep their eyes open. They went to bed and promptly fell asleep at 6:30. Yeah! Parents night off! I wish I could say Renee and I did something memorable but we were both pretty tired as well and just relaxed. As she was getting ready for bed we realized that we were having so much fun that we neglected to take a singe picture today.

All in all it was a right fine day by anybody's standards.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

What a fabulous day all of you had. Even though I miss seeing new pictures, I am delighted that the day was spectacular enough for all of you to just enjoy it and forget about being historians for a time.

Great counts mighty warrior. You are the Supreme Butt Kicker!

I hope your days keep getting better and better.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Ann said...

I had Larry, Robert, and Emily here the other day to keep me company while Jennifer went to take a test for teaching. Larry got talking about his friend who lived in Florida, and I said "is it the guy there on my fridge??" (I have the thank you picture of Josh on my fridge) So Robert and Larry went over and looked (into that sweet face) Then Robert made the comment that he looked like an elf and wondered if he (Robert) looked like and elf also. Just wanted to share that moment with you all. I am extremely pleased with Josh's treatment now and am glad that he is feeling soo much better as a kid getting on with his life. Keep it up Warrior!!!

Jamie(Sister) said...

WHOO HOO!! Sounds like you guys had tons of fun Josh!! Thats great that you guys got to go relax some and enjoy the nice swimming pool water along with getting some sun. =) Awesome awesome dude so many good days. =) Yay your counts are high and ready for lots of energy. =)
Fathers day is this weekend. I wonder what is planned. ;) I love you guys an see you soon.