Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back where he belongs... Day 222 22JUN09

Joshua got sprung from his hospital prison first thing this morning. His fever has gone away and there was no reason to keep him any longer. He made it home by 10 this morning and I was really glad to see him before I had to leave for work. Renee and Jarrod are both feeling much better, whatever hit them was quick and went away fast. A day of rest and they should be back to 100 percent.

Jarrod and Joshua spent the day relaxing and re-bulding two of their LEGO vehicles into one giant vehicle. The instructions off the internet were 98 pages long but that barely even slowed them down. According to Renee they were finished in no time. Those two together are an un-stoppable building team. The rest of the day was just time to relax and get rested up.

We are back on major germ and injury alert, Joshua's ANC is down to 352 and his platelets have dropped to 52. This puts him at risk for infection or bleeding. If his platelet trend continues he will probably need a transfusion on Wednesday before he gets his chemo and the dreaded PEG shots. We will see what his CBC comes back with.

It is great to have everyone back at home and the wagons parked together again. Lets hope that this is the last time he needs to go into the hospital for a while. These major upheavals in our lives are getting kind of old. Besides he rests soo much better at home.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Great news! I hope you are able to stay home.

I'd love to see this new vehicle you and Jarrod built. You two are so incredibly talented. (not to mention cute as can be).

Glad Mom and Jarrod are feeling better. Just hope you and Dad stay away from it.

Have a great day mighty warrior. Keep kicking butt.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Miss Laura said...

Hey Josh, I am so glad you are home and doing better. I got home from Arizona late Saturday night and have been playing catch up since then. It's nice to know you are all home again and I know you will get stronger with the fresh transfusion of blood (are you turning into a vampire?)

Renee, I sure hope you and Jarrod can get rested some and get well quickly. Once the germ alert is over I will come and show you some awesome pictures of Texas and Arizona.

Josh, you have a totally awesome day and keep kicking cancer butt.

Love, Laura

Jamie(Sister) said...

Yay back home Joshy!! I bet you and mommy loved that. =) She seems to be feeling alot better and so does Jarrod. =) Just make sure to rest up alot and keep your fingers crossed for wednesday.. =) I love you monkey you are doing such an awesome job at fighting everything that comes at you. We are soo proud of you.
See you guys soon love bug.