Saturday, June 13, 2009

De-accessed... Day 213 13JUN09

Joshua got to start the day by getting chemo. I get up like any other morning, get a cup of life giving coffee, and grab a handful of syringes and medical supplies so I can give Joshua something we can't handle without gloves on. Just an average day here at home. It stops me in my tracks sometimes when I realize how normal all of this has become for us. It is now a simple matter of thinking about what we need to take care of today. What meds Joshua is supposed to take and when.

The rest of his day was a lot better.

After we were done he got to get his port de-accessed. It is a great feeling for him when he doesn't have that tube coming out of his chest anymore. He did really well through the whole process. He spent a good amount of time playing with his LEGO's in his room. He took all of these pictures himself to show what he has been working on lately.

He takes great pride in what he has built and loves to explain it to you. We love to listen.

So far the chemo is not affecting him too bad. He is a little tired but has had no other symptoms. We had a restful day and got to spend some good quality time as a family. I got the special treat of having Josh read a book to me all by himself. I was very proud of him. Later on he got the chance to beat the pants off of me playing his pokemon game.

After more meds this evening it was off to bed. Tomorrow is church and the kids are coming over to spend some time with us. Only 93 more days until our granddaughter is due. Yikes! She will be here before we know it. Jamie has been doing great and she is doing a good job keeping the baby fed and healthy.


Nonna said...

Good Morning Snuggle Monkey,

Reading your blog these days is wonderful. No more engagements wih the "F" word, no more really bad days - just normal sort of days.

You have got to be The Lego Champion of all time!

I bet your Dad was about to burst his buttons listening to you read a book to him. I know I would be. I hope he taped it.

When Jamie and Christian come over, see if you can take some pictures and share with all of us. I'd like to see just how well she is feeding that little girl.

Have a great day. Give your Dad extra hugs and kisses from me. He is Super Dad and I'm very proud of him.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Awesome dude!!! I love the little offices that the police station has. =) Thats soo cool.
You always seem to whoop my butt in that pokemon game to. ; )

I bet that felt alot better for you when you got your port de-accessed with out that tube hanging there. Yep my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the weeks and only about 2 in a half more months until she comes!!! Yay cant wait!! =) Well i love you guys tons and see you soon!! Keep up the awesome work.... =)